Off-axis aspheric and parabolic mirrors (OAPs) are useful for collimating or focusing a light path when one must avoid interfering with or obscuring the incoming beam. Many optical systems use this simple approach to minimize their footprint as the light path can be folded while maintaining beam integrity. Inrad Optics has perfected the production of light-weighted metal mirrors made from aluminum, beryllium, and a variety of metal matrix materials.

Obtaining high-quality interferometer transmission flats is now as easy as a few mouse clicks, thanks to our new online configuration and ordering tool. You can fully configure and buy industry-standard 4-, 6- and 12-inch transmission flats.

The pace of new x-ray imaging developments has recently intensified, thanks to improvements in the manufacturing quality and precision of our x-ray monochromators.

Examples of the most recent x-ray optics breakthroughs include:

  • Stigmatic x-ray imaging with magnification.
  • Log-spiral monochromators using Bragg reflection and transmission geometries as well as single-point-diamond-turned (SPDT) backings.
  • New off-axis asphere monochromators that improve spatial resolution in exploding laser-fusion targets.

Thin film coatings have long been a key part of our optical manufacturing capabilities. Now, we’re taking those coatings to an entirely new level with the installation of a plasma assisted e-beam vacuum deposition system from Tecport Optics