Obtaining high-quality interferometer transmission flats is now as easy as a few mouse clicks, thanks to our new online configuration and ordering tool. You can fully configure and buy industry-standard 4-, 6- and 12-inch transmission flats.

The pace of new x-ray imaging developments has recently intensified, thanks to improvements in the manufacturing quality and precision of our x-ray monochromators.

Examples of the most recent x-ray optics breakthroughs include:

  • Stigmatic x-ray imaging with magnification.
  • Log-spiral monochromators using Bragg reflection and transmission geometries as well as single-point-diamond-turned (SPDT) backings.
  • New off-axis asphere monochromators that improve spatial resolution in exploding laser-fusion targets.

Thin film coatings have long been a key part of our optical manufacturing capabilities. Now, we’re taking those coatings to an entirely new level with the installation of a plasma assisted e-beam vacuum deposition system from Tecport Optics

Some metal optics makers focus just on the plating and polishing operations, which may be a workable strategy for simple optics. Complex metal optics, however, have specifications that are difficult or impossible to meet without a vertically integrated manufacturing operation.