Over the decades since their first demonstration, Ti:Sapphire oscillators have enabled countless researchers in biology, chemistry and physics to develop and refine new techniques in ultrafast spectroscopy and microscopy. These techniques have made it possible to observe chemical reactions on femtosecond time scales, non-destructively probe delicate biological samples while maintaining high signal intensity and make remarkable advances in nonlinear optics and plasma physics.

Inrad Optics was recently honored with a 2015 CLEO/Laser Focus World Innovation Award in the “Optical Components Category” for its stilbene crystals for neutron detection. The award recognizes outstanding companies that have made major contributions to advancing the field of optics and photonics through recently launched products and services.

Stilbene is a unique crystal that emits lights in the presence of nuclear materials. Together with light sensors such as photomultiplier tubes and photon counting modules, this valuable scintillation crystal can be used as an alarm system to detect nuclear radiation. Applications include physics research, nuclear facility monitoring, and critical security and defense initiatives, for example, large area scanning of vehicles and containers at international ports.

Off-axis aspheric and parabolic mirrors (OAPs) are useful for collimating or focusing a light path when one must avoid interfering with or obscuring the incoming beam. Many optical systems use this simple approach to minimize their footprint as the light path can be folded while maintaining beam integrity. Inrad Optics has perfected the production of light-weighted metal mirrors made from aluminum, beryllium, and a variety of metal matrix materials.

Obtaining high-quality interferometer transmission flats is now as easy as a few mouse clicks, thanks to our new online configuration and ordering tool. You can fully configure and buy industry-standard 4-, 6- and 12-inch transmission flats.