Interferometer Flats

Our expertise in super-precision interferometer transmission flats begins with a deep understanding of the optical material. Its homogeneity, birefringence and other intrinsic characteristics all affect the performance of the finished optic. Our unique capabilities allow us to produce and measure our flats to λ/20 or better at diameters up to 500 mm.

Based on our thorough understanding of the optical principles underlying interferometer applications, we can tailor our optical polishing processes to produce finished optical surfaces that conform to the most demanding technical requirements in:

  • Surface roughness
  • Sub-surface damage
  • Slope error
  • Optical coating consistency
  • Low-stress optomechanical mounting

Aerospace Windows

Inrad Optics combines expertise in durable optical coatings, large high precision optical flats, and mechanical design for extreme environments to offer windows and window assemblies suitable for LIDAR, sensor modules, and spectroscopy.

  • Heating elements and EMI shielding
  • High laser damage threshold coatings
  • Vacuum-compatible assemblies
  • Hard coatings for extreme environments

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