Obtaining high-quality interferometer transmission flats is now as easy as a few mouse clicks, thanks to our new online configuration and ordering tool. You can fully configure and buy industry-standard 4-, 6- and 12-inch transmission flats.

Configurable transmission flat options include:

Coatings. The transmission flats are available uncoated, with a standard coating or with a custom coating based on evaporative vacuum coating processes—both Ion Assist and Plasma Assist E-Beam.

Mounting. Transmission flats are available as standalone optics or mounted in ring-style mounts. The mounted flats fit industry-standard Fizeau interferometers for easy replacement and installation.

We fabricate all of our transmission flats from highly homogeneous, bubble-free fused silica, which is then polished to the interferometric standards required by precision optics manufacturers. Our deep understanding of interferometry allows us to produce finished optical surfaces that conform to the most demanding technical requirements related to surface roughness, sub-surface damage, optical coating consistency and birefringence.

Transmission flats configured online qualify for a new quick ship program.


Configure a transmission flat now.