An organic scintillator used for fast neutron detection, Scintinel™ stilbene is commercially produced at Inrad Optics. This material enables next-generation radiation detection for physics research, homeland security and nuclear nonproliferation. Inrad Optics has launched a new website specifically for the Scintinel™ product line. This website allows stilbene customers access to summaries of properties and performance and links to scientific publications that demonstrate a range of applications.


Scintinel™ stilbene features fast neutron detection, nanosecond timing and permits discrimination between neutron and gamma radiation. The 400 nm scintillation emission can easily be detected by photomultiplier tubes or silicon photomultipliers.


Scintinel™ outperforms liquid or plastic scintillators in applications in which a neutron signal must be separated from a gamma background. When it comes to better pulse shape discrimination, lower threshold for gamma rejection, lower gamma misclassification rate and greater neutron detection efficiency, published research consistently demonstrates Scintinel's superiority.


With its low threshold for neutron-gamma discrimination, Scintinel™ permits the identification of neutrons at lower energies than possible with liquid or plastic scintillators. Scintinel™ captures information regarding the neutron energy distribution and direction by directly detecting fast neutrons.


Scintinel™ stilbene is produced at the Inrad Optics crystal growth facility in New Jersey. The solution growth of these organic scintillator crystals was first established by researchers from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory using technology developed for the growth of large KDP crystals. By leveraging the existing growth and fabrication capabilities at Inrad Optics, we transitioned the technology to commercial production and offer Scintinel™ products in standard and custom dimensions.

To learn more about stilbene, its applications and how you can get a quote, visit our Scintinel™ page here.