Precision metal optics perform an important duty in modern tank warfare. The electro-optic fire control systems that give tanks their ability to shoot on the move are built around precision metal mirrors. Our metal optics facility has a long history producing these mirrors to the military's exacting optical and mechanical standards, such as maintaining optical figure at temperature extremes and withstanding very high impact shocks to the assembly.

Our past success in producing these demanding optics recently helped us win a new $2.2 million contract to produce bonded head mirrors for use in tank fire control systems. Work under the new contract—a five-year IDIQ with the US Army Contracting Command—has begun with first-release production totaling $526,000.

This latest tank mirror project follows a 2007 contract to provide precision metal optical mirrors for the M1A1 ABRAMS tank’s fire control system. That award had an initial release funding of $660,000 for first year deliveries with options for additional releases during the following three years. For more information on our past project for M1A1 ABRAMS tank mirrors, click here.