A National Laboratory collaborating with a small business to develop advanced neutron supermirrors used in particle beam applications.

  • Researching advanced neutron supermirror optics in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Innovative solutions to problems in particle beam technology and applications


  • Upgrades to the DoE’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory for the Linac Coherent Light Source's X-ray free-electron laser (LCLS-II) to further push the capabilities of X-ray free-electron lasers (XFELs)



  • Pushing LCLS-II's boundaries would take new, highly specialized X-ray optics, notably mirrors and diffraction gratings
  • To achieve the required level of precision, the surfaces of meter-sized mirrors – whether flat or curved – must be as smooth and as perfect as possible, even down to the atomic scale
  • "There are now only two vendors in the world that make these, and those are in other countries"

Inrad Optics' Solution

  • Collaboration with American Physics Technology and other innovative suppliers to create ultra-precise surfaces utilizing gas cluster ion beam technology
  • Iterative process involved bombarding mirror surfaces with intense, focused beams of gas cluster ion beams; thereby perfecting the surface through the many overlapping impacts of the clusters in the beam

Partnership Highlights

  • Collaborations not only broaden SLAC’s research and engineering brainpower, but also create a more reliable sources for products and materials required for research
  • "Having a relationship with these companies offers a fresh perspective on how things are done. It's a peek into another world, which has the potential to increase curiosity and spur innovation"