A US defense prime contractor that delivers industry specific solutions, control technologies, and performance materials globally

  • Market Cap
  • Key End Market: Aerospace & Defense
  • Inrad Optics is the customer’s long-term partner in for critical optical component fabrication


  • External flight window designed for high-resolution airborne imaging

aerospace and defense


  • Challenge in balancing the optical and mechanical specifications
  • Demanding optical requirements for flatness, visible and near infrared transmission passbands, environmental durability, and coating uniformity

Inrad Optics' Solution

  • Management of interfaces between materials of dissimilar thermal expansion coefficients to ensure operational performance over extreme temperature ranges
  • Identification and remediation of mechanical design flaws
  • Rigorous testing to identify assembly-related stresses and ensure optimum optical performance

Partnership Highlights

  • Concurrent engineering and design for manufacturability to ensure performance optimization
  • Collaborated on process development to expand the product portfolio across three major platforms
  • Continuous production of mission critical components for over 20 years