NORTHVALE, NJ – February 23, 2016 - Democrat Josh Gottheimer, along with family and friends including United States Senator Cory Booker, launched his congressional campaign Monday night at the Inrad Optics headquarters in Northvale, NJ.

Josh Gottheimer (left), Amy Eskilson, CEO Inrad Optics (center), Senator Cory Booker (right), at Inrad Optics.

Inrad Optics is a vertically-integrated photonics manufacturer that offers crystal-based optical components and devices, custom optical components from both glass and metal and precision optical and opto-mechanical assemblies. Gottheimer chose the company as a launch pad because their crystals are often used in defense and homeland security applications.

"Inrad Optics was pleased to host Josh Gottheimer as he launched his run for New Jersey's 5th District Congressional race, recognizing the important role our products play in national security," said Inrad Optics CEO Amy Eskilson.

"Having Senator Booker join us was certainly a highlight. Our employees appreciated the opportunity to discuss their questions and concerns about life and work. It was a great public forum."


About Inrad Optics
Inrad Optics is a manufacturer of exceptional quality crystalline materials and devices, fabricated high precision glass, and metal optical components. Originally founded as Inrad, Inc., the organization matured via organic and acquired growth as Photonic Products Group, Inc., and in January 2012 announced its name change to Inrad Optics. Vertically integrated, manufacturing expertise includes solution and high temperature crystal growth, extensive optical fabrication capabilities, including precision diamond turning and the handling of large substrates, optical coatings and extensive in-process metrology. Inrad Optics’ customers include leading corporations in defense, aerospace, process control and metrology, medical and industrial laser sectors of the photonics industry, as well as government, national laboratory and university customers worldwide.