Combining high quality single crystals with modern optical manufacturing methods breathes new life into imaging x-ray optics

Northvale, NJ – January 18, 2010 – Photonic Products Group, Inc (PPGI) breathes new life into x-ray imaging techniques with its curved x-ray crystal optics. Especially useful for focusing and analyzing x-ray emissions, semiconductor inspection, laboratory surface analysis and plasma diagnostics, curved x-ray optics are capable of imaging an x-ray point source onto an image plane.

While x-ray crystal optics have been available for a number of years, its state-of–the-art, optical manufacturing and test methods allow PPGI to fabricate curved x-ray crystal assemblies with unprecedented accuracy and consistency. This makes curved x-ray optics for application in both scientific and industrial instrumentation a practical and popular offering at PPGI.

X-ray crystal optics are manufactured at PPGI according to customer-supplied specifications. Many different crystal types, lattice spacings, surface geometries (e.g. toroidal, spherical, flat), and sizes are available in both single-crystal and mosaic configurations.

“We’re pleased that our customers continue to see the value in PPGI’s custom-manufactured products. We constantly strive to improve our processes and services to ensure our customers realize the greatest return for their dollar. Over the upcoming year we will be showcasing many examples of our latest in-house manufacturing methods at industry shows and exhibitions. We hope that people will stop by to see first-hand the range of capabilities that we offer.” said John Ryan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for PPGI.

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