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Inrad Optics grows and fabricates optical materials to exacting quality standards and also incorporates those materials into advanced optical components, assemblies and systems. Our materials know-how is reflected in our broad portfolio of standard and build-to-print optical components—including non-linear crystalline optics, electro-optical devices and metal optics. And our optical design-for-manufacturability expertise allows us to execute even the most challenging custom optics designs.

Inrad Optics Popular Science Best of What's New 2015

Inrad Optics Stilbene Crystals Featured in Popular Science, Best of What's New 2015

A Crystal That Detects Nuclear Radiation

Stilbene crystal is stable, safe, and glows purple—scintillates, technically—when it is in the presence of radioactive materials such as plutonium.



Crystals to Components

We produce optical materials to the highest quality standards. At our facility in New Jersey, we have developed proprietary methods for growing and processing non-linear crystals, polishing, diamond turning and surface treatment methods to metal optics.  Click here to learn more about our advanced optics manufacturing capabilities.


Optical Problem Solving

Working on a build-to-print basis or as part of your design team, we specialize in the integration of optical components into mechanical assemblies and electro-optic systems.  Click here to learn more about our custom optics program. 

Powered by Materials Expertise

Everything we do starts with an expertise in optical materials. From non-linear crystals to beryllium mirrors, our application engineers can help you identify the right optical component for the job at hand.  Click here for an overview of our optical materials.

Optical Coatings

Advanced thin film coatings have long been a key part of our in-house optics manufacturing capabilities. With our new plasma assisted deposition system, we can now produce thin film coatings on optics as large as 60 inches across. Click here to find out more about our engineered thin film coatings.