Custom Optics


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Inrad Optics specializes in the production of challenging custom optics for semiconductor, defense, laboratory and industrial applications. We fabricate and finish a wide range of customized transmission flats, mirrors, beam combiners and waveplates in glass, quartz and other crystalline materials. Our proprietary manufacturing techniques and metrology expertise give our optics a performance edge in technically demanding applications, including:

  • Large optics. Custom optics up to 18-inches across are produced in our Northvale, NJ facility.
  • Super precision optics. With applications such as interferometer flats for the semiconductor industry, our super-precision optics can achieve: 
    • Flatness to λ/20 or better at 633 nm over 95% clear aperture
    • Irregularity to λ/20 or better at 633 nm over 95% clear aperture
    • Surface quality to 10/5
  • Opto-mechanical assemblies. Nearly all of the custom optics ultimately work as part of an assembly. Our engineering teams works with all our customers to identify and eliminate assembly-related stresses that could damage optical components.

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