Custom Optics

Inrad Optics specializes in the production of challenging custom optics for process control, metrology, defense, medical, scientific and industrial applications. We fabricate and finish a wide range of customized transmission flats, windows, mirrors, prisms, waveplates and lenses in glass, metal, quartz and other crystalline materials. Our proprietary manufacturing techniques and metrology expertise give our optics a performance edge in technically demanding applications.


Inrad Optics manufactures custom waveplates in a variety of materials and configurations:

  • True zero-order, Zero-order and Multi-order Retarders; Rotators
  • Ultra-thin zero-order waveplates contacted to BK7 or UVFS carrier plates
  • Airspaced, contacted, and cemented assemblies
  • Mounted or stand-alone
  • Orientation indicated by side flats, scribe marks, or indelible ink markings


Typical Waveplate Specifications
Materials Quartz, α-BBO, MgF2
Dimensions OD ≤ 125 mm Thickness ≥ 50 µm
  Standard Superior
Parallelism 10 arcsec 1 arcsec
Retardation Tolerance λ/200 λ/300
Orientation Tolerance 5 arcmin 30 arcsec
Transmitted Wavefront λ/4 λ/20
Surface Quality < 60-40 < 20-10