Crystalline stilbene is an organic scintillator used for radiation detection and is well-suited for discrimination between fast neutrons and a gamma-ray background. A fast neutron is one with kinetic energy above approximately 1 MeV. Fast neutron counting, spectroscopy, and imaging have applications in medicine, research, defense, and homeland security.

Inrad Optics produces stilbene using a proprietary low-temperature solution growth technology. This method yields high-quality, low-stress, large form factor material. All stilbene crystal growth, fabrication, and polishing is performed at our Northvale, NJ facility, ensuring complete traceability and satisfaction with every single crystal.


  • Direct detection of fast neutrons
    • Stilbene is highly sensitive to fast neutrons, hence they do not need to be moderated to lower energies to be detected
    • Stilbene takes advantage of the low background of fast neutrons for low-noise measurements
    • Detection of unmoderated neutrons preserves information about neutron trajectories and energies
  • Excellent discrimination between neutrons and gamma rays
    • Facilitates counting fast neutrons without false positives from gamma rays
    • Permits use of lower energy thresholds than liquid scintillators
  • Safe and Easy to Handle and Transport
    • Solid, non-hygroscopic, not flammable, not hazardous
    • Unpackaged stilbene is stable
    • Avoids the transportation, storage, and handling concerns of many liquid organic scintillators

For additional information and to access technical literature and handling instructions, visit our Scintinel™ landing page.

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