Custom Optics

Inrad Optics specializes in the production of challenging custom optics for process control, metrology, defense, medical, scientific and industrial applications. We fabricate and finish a wide range of customized transmission flats, windows, mirrors, prisms, waveplates and lenses in glass, metal, quartz and other crystalline materials. Our proprietary manufacturing techniques and metrology expertise give our optics a performance edge in technically demanding applications.


Inrad Optics offers custom dispersive, reflective, and birefringent prisms in a wide variety of classical geometries including Porro, Penta, Wollaston, Rochon, Nomarski, Glan-Thompson and Glan-Taylor. In addition to these monolithic prisms and contacted or cemented prism assemblies, Inrad Optics has extensive experience in building high precision Risley prism steering assemblies.

Typical Prism Specifications
Prism Polarizer Materials Quartz, α-BBO, MgF2, and other birefringent crystals
Beamsplitter Prism Materials Fused Silica, Optical Glass, Filter Glass, ZnSe, Silicon, and Germanium
  Minimum Maximum
Dimensions 3x3x3 mm >50x50x50 mm
  Standard Superior
Angular Accuracy 3 arcmin 1 arcsec or less
Surface Quality 80/50 0/0
Flatness λ/4 @ 633 nm λ/20 @ 633 nm
Surface Roughness < 5 Å rms < 2 Å rms