Barium Nitrate (Ba(NO3)2) single crystals exhibit optical properties that make them well-suited for use in Raman shifting and related laser applications. These properties include:

  • Optical transmission across a broad range from 350 to 1800 nm
  • Large Raman shift of 1047 cm-1 toward longer wavelengths
  • High quantum conversion efficiency for first and second Stokes components

Applications include the efficient generation of 1.53 µm eye-safe wavelengths.

Physical and Optical Properties
Chemical Formula Ba(NO3)2
Crystal Symmetry Cubic
Class P23
Lattice Constant

8.11 Å

Density 3.244 g/cm3
Mohs Hardness 2.5 - 3
Refractive Index λ = 0.5461 µm 1.5756
λ = 1.06 µm 1.5551
LDT (uncoated (110) faces at λ = 0.53 µm, 50 ns pulses) 10-17 J/cm2
Vibrational Raman mode 1047 cm-1
Size and Orientation

Available in cross sections up to 10 x 10 mm and lengths up to 75 mm, Barium Nitrate crystals are typically oriented, finished and coated as follows:

  • Oriented with laser path along the <110> axis
  • Orientation accuracy to ± 5 arcmin
  • Entrance and exit faces flat and parallel, or at Brewster angle
  • Standard parallelism 3-5 arcmin (tighter parallelism or a larger wedge upon request)
  • Transmitted wavefront λ/6 on 50 mm long crystals
  • Dielectric coating available to protect polished surfaces from ambient moisture fogging

Inhouse crystal growth

All barium nitrate crystal growth, orientation, fabrication, polishing, and testing is performed at our Northvale, NJ facility, ensuring complete traceability and satisfaction with every single crystal.

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